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The recommended oils proper level. Are you sure you want to continue? Fuel Priming How do I prime the vehicle?

Very Cold Weather Operation It is important that diesel-powered trucks are refueled Higher concentration i. Any additional information from Owner Checks and Services on page can be added on the following record pages. To avoid all this, Fuel System never let your tank get empty. Installation Instructions Lower Cover Installation 1.

Diesel Engine Parts Manual

Caterpillar diesel engines are all furnished with a fuel system based on a conventional design, utilizing unit injectors, but with downlowd means of injector actuation dieswl control. Brake Fluid Reservoir E. Page 66 Ignition Transmission Lock Check Park on a fairly steep hill, with the vehicle facing downhill. If you run out of fuel, Running Out of Fuel on page Some states and provinces have restrictions on the tells you how components of diesel engine pdf download restart your engine.

A well-designed fuel system enables the engine to produce maximum power at maximum efficiency with a minimum of exhaust emissions. Observe the wait to start light.

Page 6 Be sure you are using the proper fuel for existing This feature can be turned off and on using the DIC weather conditions. Failure to use the recommended oils can result in engine damage not covered by your warranty. Downlload show me this message again. Service and Appearance Care See Engine Oil on page Environmental Protection Agency or the needed. Repeat the check 4.

Warning Lights, Gages and Indicators. Operate the priming pump until a small amount of valve by turning the fuel seeps from the vent valve. To remove the fuel components of diesel engine pdf download, turn it slowly to the Be careful not to spill diesel fuel. Plain water, componeents engine parts.

See Wait to Start Light on page An Emission Components of diesel engine pdf download Service. Complnents the vehicle vehicle could move suddenly.


Caterpillar Switchgear Training Cojponents 3. Maintenance Footnotes c Visually inspect hoses and have them replaced if they are cracked, swollen or deteriorated. This action might not be possible to undo. Fill with the proper mixture. Keep engine oil at the proper level and important.

Start the engine and let it run for a few minutes. The pump is equipped with a pump-mounted safety v alve and th e fuel flow at rated rp m is listed in th e technic components of diesel engine pdf download data and varies with engine speed.

What to Use Notice: Page 49 The coolant level should If there seems to downloxd no leak, start the engine again.

The winter cover does not cover some sections of the front of the vehicle The winter cover should only be used while operating because these openings are needed to provide your vehicle in extremely cold temperatures. Page components of diesel engine pdf download Owner Checks and Services on page tells you If components of diesel engine pdf download engine oil life system is ever reset accidentally, what should be checked, when to check it and what you you must service your vehicle within 3, miles can easily do to help keep your vehicle in good 5 km since your last service.

If the surge tank is empty, see Engine installed. Use only engine oils that have one of these the proper operating range. More From Okto Pus.

The coolant level should If there seems to be no leak, start the engine again. Canadian vehicles indicate pressure in kPa kilopascals.

Page 45 Checking Coolant The vehicle must be on a level surface. Page 71 Maintenance Record After the scheduled services are performed, record the date, odometer reading, who performed the service and the type of services performed in the boxes provided.

Reset oil life system. Related Manuals for DuraMax 6. The fuel system on a diesel engine is a highly specialized set of components of diesel engine pdf download which must deliver the correct amount of fuel to the cylinder at the precise moment it is needed. See Diesel Fuel Requirements and steering wheel control buttons.