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As discovered in previous studies, the Gospel texts which have been in the public domain for centuries often bear little relation to the first-hand accounts of the era to which they relate. Retrieved 16 August Laurence gardner pdf download was El Shaddai? In Sumer, the storm-god who eventually became known as Jehovah was called Enlil or Ilu-kur-gal meaning Lofty One of the Mountain and his brother, who became Adon the Lord, was called Enki – laurence gardner pdf download very appropriate name because Enki means Archetype.

Archived from the original on 5 August Additionally, in contrast to Bible teachings, the various traditions relate that these gods both had parents, wives, sons and daughters. He died on 12 August after a prolonged lwurence. On recognizing this, one can immediately see an early anomaly in the traditional Genesis story, for the historical line to Laurence gardner pdf download and Jesus was not from Adam and Eve’s son Dowmload at all.

This Mark is portrayed by the modern Church as if it were some form of curse, but it is not defined as such in the Bible.

Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark: Conventional teaching generally cites Cain as being the first son of Adam and Gardher – but laurence gardner pdf download was not; even the book of Genesis tells us that he was not.

Laurence Gardner It is with great sadness we announce that Laurence Gardner passed away on the 12 Augustafter a prolonged illness.

Books by Laurence Gardner

Consequently, the Lord placed a mark upon Cain, swearing sevenfold vengeance against his enemies. It was Enki, on the other laurence gardner pdf download, who despite the vengeful wrath of his brother granted the Sumerians access to the Tree of Knowledge and laurence gardner pdf download Tree of Life.

Retrieved 13 January There was the first mention of God, or rather the Gods, as the Sumerian word was in the plural. If so, what were they?

Laurence Gardner – Wikipedia

Lofty Mountain and Lord. They decided, after laurenec of Adon support, to succumb to the opposing god of wrath, developing a new religion out of sheer fear of his retribution.

The story can now be laurence gardner pdf download by considering the oldest Grant of Arms in sovereign history – an entitlement which denoted the Messianic Dragon bloodline for all time. The text relates that Abraham brought his family westwards out of Mesopotamia present day Iraq to the land of Canaan Palestinefrom where some of his descendants moved into Egypt. The Sumerians referred to this insignia as laurence gardner pdf download Gra-al, but biblical history refers to it as the Mark of Cain.

What was the Ark? He wrote on subjects such as the Jesus bloodlineanti-gravity and the cloning of Adam and Eve.

Space-time can now be manipulated; teleportation is becoming a reality; gravity-resistant material is now heralded for air transport, and virtual science has led to a greater understanding laurence gardner pdf download hyper-dimensional existence. Archived from the original on 30 December lauremce Even outside the Bible, the writings of the Hebrew Talmud and Midrash make it quite plain that Cain was not the son of Adam.

Therefore, if one accepts the text as it stands, there was no one around to be Cain’s enemy! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

There are those who will appreciate his efforts to identify the source of the biblical God and there are those who will not. The Bible explains that the Bloodline story began laurence gardner pdf download Adam and Eve, from whose third son Seth evolved a line which progressed through Methuselah, Noah and, eventually, to Abraham who became the great patriarch of the Hebrew nation.

The laurence gardner pdf download inform us that it was Enlil who brought the Flood; it was Enlil who destroyed Ur and Babylon, and it laurence gardner pdf download Enlil who constantly opposed the education and enlightenment of humankind. In its original form kinship was kainship, and the first King of the Messianic succession was the biblical Cain KainHead of the Sumerian House of Kish. Laudence answer is that, although now seemingly embraced in a general context as the One God by the Jewish and Christian churches, there laurence gardner pdf download originally a distinct difference between the figures of Gardher and the Lord.

Title Info Author Profile Paperback: Even at the time of the Captivity around BCthe Bible laurence gardner pdf download that Jerusalem was overthrown at Jehovah’s bidding.

Historians and scholars regard him as a conspiracy theorist[8] and treat his work as pseudohistory. The Origin of God. Retrieved 19 August In fact, quite the reverse is the case; his ancestors are portrayed as a succession of wandering territory seekers, who are seen to be of no particular significance until the time of King David himself. It is now an established fact that, through quantum entanglement, particles millions of light-years apart can be connected without physical contact.

These questions, and many others, are addressed and answered in Lost Secrets of the Gzrdner Ark.

This masterpiece completed before his death laurence gardner pdf download a long illness in Augustbrings together from his and other considerable archives of research and information, the most important story of our incredible ancestors, their advanced civilisation, and the identity of the flesh and blood individual and his family, who led the re-start of civilisation and agriculture.